Omeka S multilingual software pack

AREPR’s approach to community data ethics combines critical digital humanities and community engagement by advocating for data and technology practices that are built on community input. This approach flips the conventional top-down, business-first approach to data management and software development by implementing a grassroots, community-first strategy. A key component of this work is the belief that community stories can both highlight the ways in which technologies are discriminatory and envision new relationships between humans and digital objects. Using this approach, we developed Multilingual, an Omeka S theme that is available on the Omeka website and is freely available for other groups to use. This theme and the corresponding software extensions we developed—Transcript, GroupEdit, PageBlocks, and SimplePDF—as well as those we supported—Internationalisation and Translations—simplify the process of developing and sustaining bilingual digital projects for scholars across the disciplines by providing free, easy-to-use tools for displaying archival and cultural heritage materials across languages.

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